Monday, May 1, 2017

Hello May

Y'all. It is MAY. Somehow 2017 has been simultaneously the longest and shortest years of my life so far. Since the week before Christmas, my world has changed several times. I've gotten engaged (August 26 is SO SOON), I've lost my daddy, I got a new job and left a place where I felt very safe and loved to be part of a team starting the first Telehealth Hub. for the VA in the country aside from the National Hub. It's been a hard year. But it's also been a very fun year.

Lane and I had our engagement photos a few weeks ago and this is my favorite. I have no idea what we were laughing about but it just makes me so happy. I feel like everything is coming up so quickly and the days are just slipping by and I'm getting NOTHING done. So I have channeled ever single Type A fiber in me and written down my May Goals--And because I need accountability, I'm sharing them with all of you...the three friends who I tell to come read my blog whenever I post. ;)

Lane and I have to finish our Wedding Registry. Oh my gosh. It's just no fun to me at all, but we have lots of sweet people in our lives who have planned showers and we have to get this done.

Obviously you guys will not believe me when I say I'm going to "Actually blog" but I am! I have all my posts MWF planned out for all of May! Friday, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, I'm going to have a little giveaway featuring the bomb lip color from LipSense that Does. Not. Move. You'll get to pick your own color, obviously. But who doesn't need a little color on their smile? My First Type B Plus giveaway with a little help from Ciao Besos.

Read four books. This seems particularly daunting for me as I have a ton to do this month that isn't on this list (plus my daily commute time totals just around 2.5 hours) I love to read, I like to hold a book and turn the pages and I love the way books smell. Unfortunately, sometimes life necessitates change and most of my reading lately is on my phone or iPad. I hope for at least one of these books, I get to hold it in my hand. These are the books I've been reading in April...Obviously the John Grisham book will be a May book, but I read Bobby Bones' autobiography (Seriously, this man and his friends keep me company every day on my way to work and keep me #PimpinJoy.), A couple of Elin Hilderbrand books, because who doesn't love a breezy beach read, and the final two are a little heavier. The God I Never Knew is about the Holy Spirit, and the Anatomy of Peace will completely change your life and your interactions with those around you.


I want to combine the last two of going the gym four times a week and getting outside. I'm not a runner. At all. Never have been, never will be. But I hope to incorporate some walks around the neighborhood in the evenings to the classes I'm doing at the gym. It's only so often each year the sky looks like this and the temperature is right to be outside enjoying it.

I'll let you all know how this list goes...I'm hopeful on some and not so much on some others, I'll let you decide which ones they are...that's all I have for today, but I am linking up with Heather and Johannah for Hello Monday this week. Check them out. :)

Have a great week!



  1. Great goals. I love setting goals! Congrats on your engagement.
    I'm sharing my goals for
    This month tomorrow! Thank you for linking up with us.

    1. Thank you so much! Excited to read yours tomorrow and (more than likely) steal some of your ideas.