Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Happy Place...

In part of my adventures in Blogland, I found a series someone did on their happy places. Since this is the internet and nothing is sacred, I'm stealing that idea. **I also promise to seek out who I got the idea from and link their blog. 

Yesterday, Lane and I renewed our season tickets for Razorback football, this past Saturday was supposed to be Arkansas' Red/White Spring Game, but weather canceled it, and it was the NFL draft weekend. I've had football on the brain lately, so rather than write about a happy place that's more May appropriate, I'm sharing about Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

Is this a bit of a silly favorite place, but I have so many memories in my life centered around Razorback football. My daddy was a huge Razorback fan, though he never really went to games in person. The crowds stressed him out, and he claimed he could see more/better on TV. Most of my fall Saturdays were spent listening to him talk about the games, then watching or listening to them on the radio. The few games a yearI don't go to now, I still prefer to listen rather than watch because it feels like I'm a kid again. Even if the TV is on, I'll sometimes mute it and listen to the radio commentary instead. ;) 

Daddy painted this sign that some super talented kids in FFA cut for him. Anyway--as I got older, I started going to games with friends when I was in high school and totally fell in love with the atmosphere, the camaraderie, the competition. It felt like home. I've been to games with guy friends, girlfriends, family, Lane, and I love it every time. Every experience is different but familiar. It's my happy place. I love the ritual of getting up, driving up I-540, through the tunnel calling my Hogs (yes we know it's silly), the tailgating, the Hog Walk, everything. Sorry for the barrage of selfies comin' atcha. 
Not technically DWRRS, but the Little Rock Game. 

Circa 2010 with Hannah and Chels

Opening game of 2015, and hot as all get out. 

Love my Liv and our "work mom" at the time, Lori.

This day was particularly freezing, and our seats were particularly terrible, but we had a blast and beat Auburn in Double Overtime. Also the game when Rawleigh Williams, our star RB broke his neck.

Tabitha's first game!

And pretty much my favorite photo of us ever.

I have to say, as much fun as games with my friends are, and believe me, I still plan to go to games with friends, I love love love going to games with my sweet fella. He takes his football very seriously, rolls his eyes a little at how excitable I am, but I wouldn't change a thing about our experiences. 

Something I will miss very much this year is my dad. Every single game I wasn't with him, he would FaceTime me and Lane and we'd talk about our expectations that day. These new things that keep coming up are going to be tough. But I'm secretly hoping my Dad has some pull with the Lord, and we'll have fewer games that make us make this face this year...Incidentally, follow me on Instagram, button's at the top.


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