Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Favorites!

Hey y'all! So I'm attempting to Link Up with some of the bloggers I read regularly today...but I'm SUPER tech challenged so I don't really expect that it'll work. ;)

Regardless, I'll share my Top 5 from the last week...

These ladies are definitely favorites of mine...they're all in my wedding party! Along with my best friend from high school, who terribly I don't have a photo with handy...

These girls are another favorite of mine...their momma is in the first photo and is my MOH, these girls are my junior bridesmaids!

My absolute favorite right now is the fact that we found bridesmaid dresses last weekend! My bridesmaids will choose whichever they prefer between these two styles...


And my gorgeous MOH will be wearing this dress...

A big was this guy's birthday last week...he's 28!

Lane and I had our engagement pictures done on Monday...annnnnd...I haven't seen them yet. I'm sure they'll be a favorite when I get to see them because our photographers are INCREDIBLE. I'll do a full post on Lane, probably when we get the files for our engagement session, but a little background on him, he's a vintage guitar dealer. Super cool job, super cool opportunities with his job.

Like getting to play guitar with Vince Gill...and being interviewed by a Nashville newspaper with Mr. Gill. Obviously Lane getting to do super cool things is a favorite of mine.

Yall. I have to start blogging more regularly. I promise to do better. Not great. Not regular blogging...because Type B...But I WILL do better.



  1. Love your bridesmaid/MOH dresses!! The fact that the bridesmaids' dresses have pockets (or at least appear to) is perfection!

    1. Yes! I'm all about the pocketed bridesmaids' dresses! Thanks for stopping by! :)